hipstaroll Are you a flasher?
Presented by @punkrawkpurl

Sure, I have experimented with hipsta-flashing from time to time. Who hasn't? But I've never truly committed to an in depth study of the different effects.

I don't try to erase the look of a combo that I didn't like by using the flash. For me personally... the real challenge is to figure out how to successfully use a given combo, which lighting situations/ subject matter are best suited. If a flash is used with the specific intent to completely "erase" and not enhance (or merely shift) the effect of the chosen combo… well then I'd just choose an entirely different combo for a specific shot. But... that's just my personal approach when it comes to working w "difficult" combos. I have absolutely no judgement to those who do use flashes for that purpose.

Lately I've been flashing all over town! I am particularly fond of Laser Lemon Gel, especially what it does to the the current combo:: (Week65 :: #Wonder + #W40). I have a lot of experimenting to do… with other flashes and other combos. btw… all of my flashing has been on the half-flash setting. We will be talking about flash vs. half-flash in a future post.

I owe thanks to one of our dear Hipstaroll Correspondents,Victoria (@redscat). It was her excellent use of the flashes that finally opened my eyes to the true power of the hipsta-flash!
  •   punkrawkpurl @garymon16 thanks so much for your eloquent explanation of half flash! it's much appreciated. I stumbled a bit through mine. 3y
  •   punkrawkpurl @computerjones yeah.... you know me... im a saucy one. 3y
  •   maryann01880 @punkrawkpurl Thank you Tammy. That is so cool. I never noticed that before. I just tried it out on my pjs. Haha. It worked! 3y
  •   punkrawkpurl @maryann01880 yay!!!! happy half flashing!!! or full flashing, if you're into that sorta thing. 3y
  •   janeoako_ih love half flashing jr! 3y
  •   offwhitephotos How did I miss this?? Hahaa oh man I'm doing too many things lately.. 3y
  •   titaponte @punkrawkpurl laser lemon goes to melodie lens effect! Thank you ;) 3y
  •   queenbusybee Wait wait wait now... I have all the paks, but I still see Wonder everywhere - what pak does Wonder belong to?! 3y

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