kalecrush This stuff is insane. Prolly in my top 5 cravings since starting this #juicefast. It's a live fermented food - I've gotta learn how to make it myself!! 3y
  •   purplepaparazzi How raw is this jar of kimchi, I know in some they use vinegar and some sweet rice flour....trying to find one close to all raw kimchi 3y
  •   kalecrush @purplepaparazzi It's completely raw. Just veggies, garlic, ginger and sea salt. The key is to look for the refrigerated kinds. If its not in the fridge section it's not raw. 3y
  •   purplepaparazzi Thank u soooo much! You just helped me out a ton! 3y
  •   veganslikeitraw @kalecrush Just a tip, this brand might be some of the worst tasting kimchi I've ever had! If you want the good stuff you gotta go to a Korean market! See if there are any in your area, I guarantee you'll be happy if you do 3y
  •   kalecrush @veganslikeitraw thanks for the tip! I think this stuff is awesome, so my mind would be blown if it got any better! 3y
  •   margq_ Have a look at paleioinmelbourne she and others doing fermenting. Some doing dehydrating. 3y
  •   the_vegan_gypsies Kimchi is super super easy to make raw, and fun! 3y
  •   mommytang Kimchi..!! 1y

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