•   agizzy @sadistjay @neil0782 Thanks both and please try to make this 2y
  •   agizzy @pasharpay @j3fftruecolor @seraleeness Thanks a lot all!! 2y
  •   agizzy @wakarimasen No probs! Have a great time here!! 2y
  •   neil0782 @agizzy do you have a recipe for this? 2y
  •   agizzy @neil0782 If you buy a vegan cutlet, it will be great. If not, a hard tofu can be used for the cutlet. 2y
  •   agizzy @neil0782 As for the curry, put cumin, mustard seed, coriander powder and cumin one in a frying pan. Add chopped garlic & ginger & diced onion with turmeric and 2 tomatoes and 1 tomato can. Add squeezed lemon, salt, chilli powder, tamarind and curry powder. I always put veggie stock in it as it gives nice flavour. 2y
  •   neil0782 @agizzy awesome! Thanks! I'm going to definitely give this a go. 2y
  •   agizzy @neil0782 You are welcome 2y

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