meekmill The people that talk shit about people ain't got nothing...they good at looking like it and talking like it! 2y
  •   laflare007 Why not take advantage of an opportunity right @meekmill 2y
  •   getyanameup If you wanna make a couple racks , hit me up with your email now ! 2y
  •   dlovleyone Ain't tha the truth. @meekmill 2y
  •   wxllweeks Real shit G. 2y
  •   poloman728 Talk is cheap so alotta ppl can afford to talk....but if we had to pay to talk alotta mouths would be quiet... 2y
  •   mschari2u Sad, but true....sometimes I'm like does anyone really know this person, b/c they front Sooo much on the gram & talk so much poop..uggh @meekmill 2y
  •   rae_bunz23 RNS!!!! 2y

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