joshjohnson Hey it's @kevinkuster posting. Today's color scheme, in honor of the 911 tragedy, is "Red, White, or Blue". Tag your submissions #jj and #jj_forum_0389. I must say that this collage is the most impressive collage I have ever seen. Although we always put the focus on our great photographers, I really feel I must start out by highlighting the editor that created this 911 memorial collage. Amazing job @jj_editor_lizpe! Liz is our southern neighbor living in Mexico and has done so much for our #jj community. Thank you Liz for creating this collage for our #jj community and world. (If you have never created a collage, you have no idea how difficult it is to create this type of art collage.) This collage would not have been possible had it not been for all of the following photographers:
Blue images:
FIRST ROW: @heytbeth @chmill @raqzr
SECOND ROW: @jessepf @miejon @sciencehill_360
THIRD ROW: @tengvall @kristinenor @sannalinn
First Red & White images Top row:
FIRST ROW: @chishuimandy @danisalvadori @juliegeb
SECOND ROW: @a_minimalist_in_bw @joanneshuck @josenicolas
THIRD ROW: @juliegeb @miamism @thegoodly
Second Red & White images one below top set listed above:
FIRST ROW: @thegoodly @makers_mike @themox
SECOND ROW: @dawnbrizee @jenlawright @moosedominic
THIRD ROW: @chishuimandy @kinisiri @thegoodly
Bottom left Red & White images:
FIRST ROW: @juliegeb @kamoon @moscacojo
SECOND ROW: @tcfloyd @themox @themox
THIRD ROW: @natattack3000 @projectface @sannalinn
Bottom second panel left Red & White images:
FIRST ROW: @hearteheart @sandrairgendwoimnirgendwo @tcfloyd
SECOND ROW: @gelo_honorica @hirobotanuko @jessepf
THIRD ROW: @arvidsamland @azysko @goldenhorizons
Bottom third panel left Red & White images:
FIRST ROW: @kiffsmiff @themox @leeheida
SECOND ROW: @aprendizdeamelie @coop105 @fattyfish
THIRD ROW: @robholland1908 @robholland1908 @tengvall
If you want to see each of the panels and photos better, please visit @jj_editor_lizpe, feed. Thank you to all who contributed to this amazing collage. This piece of art truly honors our country and those who lost their lives today 11 years ago.
  •   arvidsamland Thanks for featuring! 2y
  •   travelswithmyphone Congratulations @lizpe @jj_editor_lizpe what an epic amount of work and totally beautiful 2y
  •   lost140601 Wow you did a Amazing Job @joshjohnson you are a wonderful Person everyday Big Job . 2y
  •   anyfuchok Wooow @lizpe no sabía que eras editora @joshjohnson que honor! Ves amiga, ahora más aclarado que nunca jajaja Felicidades Princesa!! 2y
  •   d_squared_hk Congratulations to my buddy @thegoodly for having been chosen as one of the featured artists in this collage!! He is definitely a genius when it comes to photography, I believe Congratulations to the other featured artists as well. What a great collage this one is!!! 2y
  •   dcwade You rock @jj_editor_llizpe @lizpe ! 2y
  •   raineelc One of a kind 2y
  •   littlestussy @joshjohnson thank you for recognizing holidays and people and incorporating them into your work as well. It gives meaning to those who once did not believe. 2y

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