instabraid Tribute to the thousands of Americans whose lives were taken away 11 years ago. 9/11/01. Never forget 2y
  •   susannah_hall Too sad but so beautiful 2y
  •   charlottebsmith @lizz_iz um no. im sorry but along with @hailey_edwards I lost my father. We are really sensitive about those things and that was an insensitive comment. And just cuz you were in NY, doesnt mean you know how it feels so umm. Just no 2y
  •   hailey_edwards Just know that i am here for support is you need any @charlie3068 2y
  •   burton_ella I know a lot of people that lost someone. You're not the only one. I'm sorry if you thought that was insensitive but that's my thought. Everyone loses someone sometime so it's an all around same feeling of loss. I don't think that all the people lost would appreciate all of you arguing and trying to sound profound. What happens happens. It's a shitty thing hell yeah but life goes on. @charlottesmith20 and what ever your opinion is I respect it. Unlike some people on this thread. 2y
  •   burton_ella That's all I was trying to say. No one needs to justify it. 2y
  •   burton_ella And @charlottesmith20 I didn't say anything, I think, that warranted a response like the one I got. 2y
  •   caitlyn.phegley :( 2y
  •   mayhay7 Rip 2y

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