johndeguzman Always be ready to hold on. You never know how quickly you'll want to go. #NYC 2y
  •   kristina_with_a_k In my very short time here, I'm pleased to announce I can hold in to a subway pole and read a book at the same time without stumbling at stops. It's the little things. 2y
  •   samuelstephon People didn't think you were weird? Haha. 2y
  •   bashfulbyte Loving your captions lately. You are becoming poetic! 2y
  •   thewizofnewyork And wash your hands when you get where your going 2y
  •   luciernaga888 On a roll today! 2y
  •   randygram Hop on the M102 bus 2y
  •   arwearwe Very fresh capture:-) 2y
  •   knuspel72 Ladies and Gentlemen, stand clear to the closing doors, please! 2y

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