ampt AMPT selections photo by Erwin Govaerts @e_govaerts

I woke up way too early so I decided to get up and try to catch a morning sunrise. On my way to the right location I accidentally discovered this spot hiding behind a bunch of trees. I'm glad I did.

Sony Xperia Neo - apps: Aviary & PicSayPro

I use Aviary only to crop the picture as it allows me to keep a nice resolution. Save.
Next I open up the cropped photo with PicSayPro and do the following edits:

1. Spotlight effect 50% with Heu 0, Sat 100, Bright 0, Opacity 60 2. With History Paint I clear up the sky from the Spotlight effect 3. Brightness -10
4. Contrast +5
5. Photo effect Lomo 20%
6. Photo effect Cross Process 20%
7. Photo effect Fading Colors 20%
8. Saturation -25
9. Adjust RGB: R -4
10. Boost +10
11. Exposure -5
12.Temperature +10
13. Brightness +5
14. To get the right tones I played some more with brightness and temperature until I was satisfied with it. Save and done!

Hi, the (nick)name is Edd, I'm a calm and patient guy from a small town in the Flemish part of Belgium. Happily married to my wife with a baby on the way and working as an assistant shop manager at an electronic store not far from my hometown. Because my previous phone didn't have a good resolution, I searched the web for a phone that did so I could take a lot more pictures than before cause I never liked dragging along a real camera. But it was only from the moment I downloaded Instagram on my phone and started following a couple of real artists (in my point of view) that I got into mobile photography. Being amazed day after day I also tried to do better and better. Learning from them I started to look at everything in a different point of view. But it really amazes me that not only I did that but I started to enjoy and appreciate this world a whole lot more. I get out more, appreciate the smaller things in life... I love it and that's what I want to share.
  •   anntix This is Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your method!! 2y
  •   mzkimb Edd, I am relatively new to instagram, and i think you are the best!! You are so wonderful to help people learn!!! Bless you! 2y
  •   macroe Thanks Erwin! Your edit is great and your bio also. Glad that you shared! @e_govaerts 2y
  •   diegoalmeida1 @e_govaerts This is a really great shot and the story and process are really awesome. I'm glad that you shared it and more glad that the ampt got an Android user featured! 2y
  •   janeoako_ih @e_govaerts nice! 2y
  •   balqi Great atmos @e_govaerts 2y

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