angiemartinez My route to work was the same as the emergency vehicles. So, I would see them everyday. For months, people lined up on the west side highway and cheered when they passed. It made me so proud to be from NY. #Remembering911 3y
  •   beeluvinlife 3y
  •   queen2_b 3y
  •   bucks779 We New Yorkers we always stand tall and fight. #NeverForget 3y
  •   chrissy_v_perez I moved to Miami from the Bx years ago and It still hits me hard every year 3y
  •   jorgalina99 I still get the chills :( 3y
  •   tvhostkj Stop the cherade' already!!! Tell di people dem di truth!!! 3y
  •   kesha.keesh @angiemartinez97 when is your cookbook going in sale? Been trying to find info online. I work at a charter school in philly and have students interested in losing weight and eating healthier. I thought your book would be a great start especially for my latinos(as). As well as myself. Please respond with info. 3y
  •   beautiful_lady_a Too bad we no longer get those thank u as we did 11 yrs ago... Now its f u's n ppl wanting to fight us... Those thank u ment a lot for all we go thru... Too bad new yorkers only appreciated us in the worst time in history... 3y

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