cachafaz Thomas 3y
  •   haylz_17 That's so sad 3y
  •   nelwells @cachafaz so true 3y
  •   dmaciel77 @cachafaz perfect! Mas uma mão estendida faz mta diferença para os "homeless"... Certo? 3y
  •   corpuscasey Is this in Dallas? 3y
  •   cachafaz @corpuscasey Austin! 3y
  •   corpuscasey Almost. Haha I saw the "Lamar" and thought may have been Dallas. 3y
  •   evaton So said...nobody should be hungry in our world... 3y
  •   flyinkites @cachafaz ironic it says god bless y'all.... this guys not blessed at all .... advice find a job home and learn to grow food... aboriginal people in Australia . Were nomads following the food and weather ... can't these bums figure it out. They mostly bring this situations on them selfs. I never give to bums .. why should I , I'm in the working poor class. Paying everything I've ever learnt to have a little . While these dogs want to lay down and not help them selfs.that's just my opinion.... 3y

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