shopdandy Seriously, today's new chevron dress arrival is hands down my favorite!!!! 2y
  •   rocat22 Love it! 2y
  •   vbl27 @shopdandy what brand is this dress ? 2y
  •   vbl27 @shopdandy will you be getting anymore of these ? 2y
  •   shopdandy @vlb27 as of right now, no, but we have other styles coming! 2y
  •   amandygirl2 Oh no. I ordered two dresses from u that I loveeee. Went on to order this one as well and sold out!! Any chance u can get more in??? 2y
  •   shopdandy @amandygirl2 at the time we can't get any more. But we have other new ones coming! 2y
  •   amandygirl2 Thx for getting back to me.. Bummer. If u do get a medium in, please contact me. Thx so much. This was my favorite thus far!! 2y
  •   karlaboyd_ I'm still absolutely in love with this dress and I have looked at every store I could possibly think of to find it and I can't, can you suggest anywhere that might have it? Or are you going to get any more? 2y

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