jameskelch Best birthday ever! #RAAAAAIDEEEEERS 2y
  •   jameskelch @sleazyteez just watching the silver and black play ball is a bright note. Nothing like it for me. 2y
  •   sleazyteez I completly understand the passion. I feel the same about my team, the Bucs. 2y
  •   jameskelch @sleazyteez word! Shots dope. I done even be tripping. I find something I like every game. Can't wait for next week. 2y
  •   ranimal_ @bigdirtkelch happy birthday bro 2y
  •   ad_43 2y
  •   jameskelch @ranimal_ right on RAN. 2y
  •   skateboard_ojisan Fuck yes @bigdirtkelch these youngstas don't know nuthin bout that SNAKE! My man was QB when I first fell in love with the silver and black at age 7! So sick, nice present and happy birthday bruh. 2y
  •   jameskelch @theskatenazi sounds just like me. We must be about the same age. 2y

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