jameskelch Never waiver! 2y
  •   jameskelch @antwill82 has. The shadows are hiding my crows feet. My fountain of youth is 1 part skateboard mixed with one part weed. And a dash of ps3. Works great. 2y
  •   leeannkiser Don't forget the kittens(including me)! 2y
  •   thisbikeisaskateboard Is that a tie due Pete Rose t shirt? HBD and I must have if it is. 2y
  •   austinsmellslikebutt Happy birthday Mr. Mayor 2y
  •   jameskelch @spitindyfire it's a silk Joey votto short. It's stupid fly. 2y
  •   antwill82 Hahaha! 2y
  •   jameskelch @the_notorious_bif yes we lost. Did we look lost and horrible. Well no sir we did not. Can't overcome three botched snaps and two blocked punts. We will be fine. Chiefs defense on the other hand is a different story. There done! That being said. Love ya Bif. 2y
  •   jameskelch @manuelrod hell yeah. Niners plate real well. 2y

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