Huesday's (Emily's joke) forums are color themed. Every week I'll give you a different color or color scheme. Go to your library and find a few shots that work. Shoot a new image if you'd like .

Today's color scheme, in honor of the 911 tragedy, is "Red, White, or Blue". Tag your submissions #jj and #jj_forum_0389. Please fill the frame with a single color as I did in these images. .

Don't forget our 123 rule please. For every one image you post, please comment on two and like three.
  •   dreahope @vagabondinthefog white!! 3y
  •   jj_editor_ohemg87 @richtatum now looking at it, that probably also sounded a little punny, which I did not intend at all. :/ 3y
  •   richtatum @jj_editor_ohemg87 - I didn't even notice any punnery going on, and I'm usually one to jump all over a punishment at the slightest provocation! No, I just really liked the way you phrased it. "Make the color the hero." In fact, I still like it.

    I'm going to have to work that into a conversation today and to to make it seem natural. "Could you add a little salsa to that please? Make the color the hero…" What?  3y
  •   jj_editor_jeswith1s @jj_editor_ohemg87 @richtatum I love both "huesdays" and "make color the hero"! 3y
  •   jj_editor_ohemg87 @richtatum i can't take credit for the phrase (which I use a lot when editing..."what is texture and is it the hero of this image?")...but if someone can tell me what angry chef uses it a lot, you'll win a prize! ;) 3y
  •   jj_editor_ohemg87 @jj_editor_jeswith1s I'm on a roll today ;) 3y
  •   misstick In my rush to get to work I somehow managed to miss red, white & blue as the colour theme & instead posted pics of other colours that filled the frame. I am so sorry! I have deleted the tags from the pics & apologise if I offended anyone 3y

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