agizzy #Vegan #Japanese #pancake (#Okonomiyaki) with red pepper, mushrooms, green beans, cabbage, konjac, spring onion and beansprout. ビーガン#お好み焼き#whatveganseat #veganfoodshare #vegansofig 2y
  •   anooo_chan :-) Thanks to u too @agizzy ^^ 2y
  •   kenimoto :] 2y
  •   bipolarvegan Looks delicious. 2y
  •   agizzy @kenimoto @bspears22 Thank you 2y
  •   bipolarvegan Tell me how you made it 2y
  •   agizzy @bspears22 Put flour of 150-200cc, a teaspoon of veggie stock, a little bit of salt & black pepper and a dessert spoon of grated yam in a bowl. Then, add water until it becomes a bit sticky. Add finely cut cabbage and vegetables you like. Mix them properly and pour it in a heated pan. Cook both side well and serve with brown sauce. 2y
  •   cait_ate Uhm yumm 2y
  •   agizzy @cait_dah_great Thanks 2y

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