herbertschroer This is kind of how I feel right now; rusty! Yesterday I somehow managed to overload my lower back while lifting a very light stool. I pretty much can't move right now without heavy pain. Should be better in a couple of days, but it's so annoying... [I used my Olloclip macro lens for this] 3y
  •   nei.cruz Dear Herbert. I've been suffering from severe back pain for a long time now, due to years of running. I can't run anymore and even walking hurts. Chiropractic and acupuncture have helped me immensely! I highly recommend it! Sending you lots of energy and love from NYC! Feel better! 3y
  •   herbertschroer @n_cruz Thanks, man! This is probably just a minor thing, never had anything like it before. Take care! 3y
  •   andmuijd Get better soon! Do you see a man in the rust too, or is it me? 3y
  •   dek67 You have my sympathy - back pain is awful! 3y
  •   a_h2b Cool, I see the screaming man with eyes bulging and the turtle behind him! Feel better 3y
  •   herbertschroer @andmuijd Now you say so I kinda do. 3y
  •   herbertschroer @dorzad Thanks! 3y
  •   asoomh_alhajri وش ذا البلا ..؟! 3y

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