•   _yots Clooney montage #swoon 3y
  •   msbaltazar You forgot to write on your profile: "cat lover" :) 3y
  •   dksy @msbaltazar Good point - I wrote the profile long before we got the cat ;-) 3y
  •   thelifeofmarvin This cat has totally turned me into some crazy cat lady instagram stalker! He's so much like our Marvi! 3y
  •   dksy @thelifeofmarvin Ha. Indeed! How much do they look alike?! Clooney was a Rescue Cat too. Got him a year ago from area rescue group down Frankston way - any chance they may be related? 3y
  •   thelifeofmarvin @dsky Maybe! Those eyes and that fluffy backside I found Marvin wandering in my street in Broadmeadows, turns out he was chipped & registered by a bad cat mummy in Moreland... I (remorsefully- i was in !) tracked her down & let her know I had him... I told her she didn't sound as happy as I expected her to be... (as he'd been missing for at least a week) :( ... so she asked if I wanted to keep him =) 3y
  •   thelifeofmarvin No bad cat mum's were harmed in the making of the Life of Marvin ;) 3y

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