poeticaesthetic I examine flowers, buds, leaves, and grass, through my hefty, powerful lens... The delicate arteries of life. Though their beauty is indescribable... Indisputable.. Their fragile existence often leaves me feeling melancholy, as their graceful aesthetic is so fleeting. They will whither.. Velvet petals curling, twisting, disintegrating in to precious ash, leaving me to ache for another spring... 3y
  •   lazy_soprano Eh, it happens! I'll pretend I didn't see it, how's that? :D 3y
  •   carrafay Yesss, now I recall the bouquet! What a dear. I wish I lived closer so I could give you a hug, take you on a photo adventure, and cook you dinner! Perfect BTB date, right there! All my love, sweets! Xoxo 3y
  •   pnhale56 i love looking at nature pics 3y
  •   izod35 Beautiful ..thanks.... 3y
  •   broomea So tranquil and peaceful. 3y
  •   princesslou79 Very pretty. :-) 3y
  •   murcielaguillo bella!!! 3y

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