lovemylove66 Since I've been off instagram a lot has happened.. Well I got a haircut & my lip pierced I've also been loseing a lot of weight lately. For the first time in my life I can say I actually feel skinny & pretty & it's the best feeling in the world. This school year so far is going amazing & I learned who my true friends are. I've found a new sense of confidence & I can honestly say I'm happier then ever. I'm getting gauges done next week & I'm excited :3 The best news is my amazing boyfriend has decided to move to NC to my town to be with me <3 I'm sooo happy he'll be here within the next month & I can't wait to start our lives already. It's amazing when you find that guy that will do absolutely anything for you. Hope you are all doing great. Love yahs (: <3 #nofilter #me #lipring #smile #new #love #happy 3y

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