irreg #aperture #inspired #whitecrackle #raku #bowl. I might do this pattern some more--- I'm liking it a lot! 2y
  •   bookandboots I miss raku-ing. Five years of art school, it was my favorite night activity. 2y
  •   irreg @bookandboots I do it mornings on the first Saturday of the month down at Seattle pottery supply-- come do it with me! I have a wheel if you need a place to throw, and also I'm getting in to hand building too :) 2y
  •   bookandboots Really? I'd love to! That's fantastic, thanks. It's been years and I've missed it. 2y
  •   irreg @bookandboots dude, yes! life calls for more pottery! send me an email and let's do it. I'm currently situated up in northgate 2y
  •   bookandboots Rad. My email address is 2y
  •   nikshnicks @irreg gorgeous! 2y
  •   irreg @nikshnicks :) thanks so much! 2y

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