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drama Shout out to @itsbongoboy for the interview with me he posted today. Check it outtttt. 2y
  •   curtthahurt @burch_10 reputable with a whole sixty followers? I'm sure he's rather waste his time with someone who matters.... Should've sent in a sponsor me tape 2y
  •   burch_10 Your prolly the stupidest person ever @curtthahurt 2y
  •   curtthahurt @burch_10 should I take a profile pic with a cig and here aviators?! Would my iq jump as high as yours genius?! 2y
  •   burch_10 Haha wow that has nothing to do with anything and I'm the dumbass. For your information I graduated from Cornell with a degree in engineering management. Btw I love tough guys like you talking shit over ig get a life man peace @curtthahurt 2y
  •   curtthahurt No ya didn't douche! And I fucking murk ya lil east coast faggot. Have fun being fat and a virgin. The only think u could engineer is a fuckin pbandj 2y
  •   walking_golfer Burch... Grad from Cornell, says sponsor me I'm reputable. A Cornell grad would know better, not to mention would be buying his own clothes. Not begging for them on igram 2y
  •   redlovexo Your cute 😎 @dramabeats.. 2y
  •   ajstocking @therealmongoose my beards almost there 2y

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