horansholywhores Okay guys we all know tomorrows Lux's birthday.

But something else happened 11 years ago that is WAY more important than a 1 year old's birthday.
It's the anniversary of 9/11. Maybe if your from another country your not quite sure what it is.

11 years ago tomorrow, the terrorist group alqueda (idk how to spell it) hi jacked 4 airplanes in the US.

One crashed in a field in pencilvania because passengers fought them ad brought the plane down and lost their lives rescuing many by stopping that plane.. Another crashed into the pentagon. Killing people.

The other two were worse.

The first of the two crashed into one of the twin towers. A second followed.

The buildings caught on fire and then they finally collapsed. Killing thousands. Debri filled the whole city covering it in grey ash.
People jumped out of the building.

90 stories, I think. It must have been TERRIVLE inside to choose to jump out the window.

Many lives have been lost. Kids loosing parents. Family members lost.

It's such a devastation.

Yes I was only 3 then. Instill remember some chaos from that day. I remember my mom crying.. And just us in the living room.

Now don't you think ALL TGAT. Is more important than a one year olds birthday?

But also remember tomorrow is much more important than any birthday.. #911 #lux #rant #one #onedirection #fangirl #liam #liampayne #louis #louistomlinson #nails #niall #niallhoran #harry #harrystyles #zayn #zaynmalik #
  •   fangirlemporium Preach it. I remember that day too... 2y
  •   larrythrusts I agree 4367962248997% 2y
  •   niyull I've been to a restaraunt that was literally next door to the twin towers and they have a scrapbook of everything they found on their roof after the tragedy. Pictures of grand kids and daughters and sons that fell out of people's hands because they were saying their last goodbyes. They found jewelry and wallets and so many heart breaking things. They even found human fingers. (obviously not in the scrapbook) my point is, so many people's lives were ruined because of this. America took a huge hit because of this. And that is where my respect goes. Happy birthday Lux, but I'm proud to be American and tomorrow is about my country. 2y
  •   horansholywhores @riley_beth_hefner I watch that every year and cry 2y
  •   horansholywhores I didn't mean the men awk aha 2y
  •   your_edit_destination I LOVE YOU FOR POSTING THIS <3 -Krysty (: xx 2y

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