•   taleitalei @lynnthetwin so easy to make by the wayyy!! 3y
  •   rose_gold24k Thai food is the shit! I just got put onto it. I'm obsessed with curry now lol 3y
  •   taleitalei @rose_roycee Mmm yeah I've always loved it. Most grocery stores sell curry paste so u can def make it at home so easy 3y
  •   rose_gold24k Wow thanks for the advice! I am going to try what I had. Curry and coconut milk salad mmm 3y
  •   simply_the_1 @taleitalei ever have Japanese curry? 3y
  •   taleitalei @simply_the_1 yeahh so yum too. I grew up in Hawaii and there's a lot of places to get Japanese curry 3y
  •   simply_the_1 @taleitalei that's my one of my favs I could eat that everyday lol that's amazing I love Hawaii, which Island? I think last week on Triple D Guy was in Hawaii and I actually had to change channels because the food looked soo good and I am obviously no where near Hawaii lol 3y
  •   sebaseppia Love this! 3y

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