kellyosbourne @cmbenz your models where all sooooo beautiful congratulations this was you best show yet! 2y
  •   cdelilahk @tmoco23 seriously I was just thinking the same thing.. "African looking models"?! @taharageorge Where do you think you come from? And then black ppl are always complaining about the fashion industry not being diverse, but when a black woman is casted, she's too African. I don't get it. 2y
  •   mimilombardo Sorry security wouldn't let me sneak in.... Was late!got barbie tho xo mimi 2y
  •   queen_o_wonderland @taharageorge wtf? why are you complaining? Be glad there's a black model in the first place. 2y
  •   ljo74 Leave the African model alone, she's pretty.. Regardless! 2y
  •   misscoxxie They are all gorgeous, nuff said. X 2y
  •   shereeneboo @taharaellen who are you to say she's not beautiful.. I think she is very. People in glass houses is all I'm sayin!! 2y
  •   hazeleyest I was hacked! 2y

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