nylonmag Pre-wig hairnet backstage at Theyskins. #WiggingOut #nylonfw 3y
  •   fashion_n_rent Many people are naturally slim. I have several family members who eat as much as I do and are only 100-110 pounds. 3y
  •   liztxchild Fashion requires no body type, its just plain ignorant to assume so. And although she does look a bit "frail" maybe this is just her genetics. 3y
  •   jessalther People should tell people to eat less or more. Everyone uses too much discretion. Anorexia is a disease. So is obesity. It's not healthy!!! 3y
  •   jessicaraefreed No one uses enough discretion. Mind your business. Only people that are "close" should speak to each other like that. If I have one more stranger offer me their negative opinion of me while im grocery shopping with headphones on I'm going to come unglued. 3y
  •   lauren_inwonderland If people tell her or any thin girl to eat more then we should be able to tell big people to eat less. Yeah, bet that wouldn't feel so great would it? Hypocritical. 3y
  •   dola2161 @lauren_inwonderland Agreed . It will always be a double standard either too big or too skinny or too tall or too short . I don't get why people post negative comments . If someone doesn't like it don't "like it" and move on to the next photo 3y
  •   tinysailor777 Your right people should eat less. 3y
  •   jessalther If people should mind their own business, why the fuck does a public forum like instagram exist? There is such a thing as too skinny AND too fat. 3y

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