marscuriosity With Mount Sharp (Aeolis Mons) in the background, #Curiosity flexes its robotic arm low capturing this image from the Mars Hand Lens Imager #MAHLI on Sol 34 (2012-09-10 01:36:28 UTC) 2y
  •   birinbeo @marscuriosity cool thanks for the info! 2y
  •   dc4_japes So far it looks like all curiosity has accomplished is taking a million photos of itself. Add a duckface and all this is, is the same as a teenage girl taking pictures of herself, are you hiding something curiosity? Get on with the mission! You should be able to know everything works after a month 2y
  •   fenrirfrenzy Nice Photo! I'm on InstaMessage, go to @instamessage to download the app and join me now! 2y
  •   ms_read78 What message does the tread leave? 2y
  •   finding_anemo @esther_78read I think it's JPL. 2y
  •   dieci10la How's the investigating and exploring mission going? All we seem to get is info in equipment checks! We want to see Mars!! :-) 2y
  •   ms_read78 @marscuriosity it's a good think your checkin yourself out. Would be useless if your broken. 2y

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