•   giuuulia.na @thekatvond u are jewish ?! 3y
  •   lizzlebit Holy fuck, this has nothing to do with religion. Has no one ever seen this album before? 3y
  •   danielle307 Israel !!! <3 k 3y
  •   ftfik_ @arielle_naomi First off, that doesn't happen in Muslim countries, not ALL Muslim countries, and if it did, i'd be against it. Go do your research then come bitch about it. Second off, whatever happened to your country killing INNOCENT children? Children who haven't even gotten the chance to live their lives or grow up or even go to school because you had to destroy it, now you're telling me that that's fair? Why? That isn't disgusting at all to you? The last thing you should do is talk shit about it. Go do some research then come argue about it. I honestly lost faith in humanity, this world is fucked up because of people like you. 3y
  •   _marioarevalooo_ @thekatvond we all noe the amazing talent yu have nd we also noe tht there's a dark side in you. I think yur cool but yu should noe tht God sees all the things yu do because at the end when yu die yu wont take money, cars, house or any material things; jus yur soul.. Yu decide where yu wanna go when yu die. Satan is trash nd it seems like hes controling yur life no ofence. God waits and sees wht yu do 3y
  •   alraie @arielle_naomi @_aylas__ arielle: faith has nothing with ppls action, like crusaders, zionists, and muslim extremists... Extremism is there in every aspect of life... 3y
  •   rommi.heroine People don't be assholes, first u should find out who's Siouxsie Sioux... She has nothing to do with Judaism/Muslim/Christianity problems... Israel is the name of her single.. She's old school goth punk using strong symbols as a sign of rebellion.. Why u are not bitching she's a nazi when she use to wear a swastika armband? It's the way she's fighting with stereotypes.. Dumb people! 2y

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