naomitamar “I hope fans realize that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and unfortunately it is another train.”
— Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad
  •   naomitamar @okyoupick good idea, beautifully said. 3y
  •   lifeupondeath That looks cool 3y
  •   kasmit2014 Pic is great but love the WW quote as well... Can't wait for next season!! 3y
  •   naomitamar @kasmitstein me neither. It was a crazy place to just leave us hanging. And for another year?? Jose.. 3y
  •   kasmit2014 I could feel the pit in the bottom of Hank 's was crazy!! Til then... 3y
  •   naomitamar @kasmitstein do they expect us to just wait a whole year? 3y
  •   kasmit2014 Can't stand it!! So love American horror Story however... Going to have to do! 3y
  •   kasmit2014 *do love that is 3y

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