chinitaprincess "haters are like crickets, Crickets make a lot of noise, you hear it but you can't see them, then right when you pass by them, they're quiet!!!"... love you all!!! GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!!! have a great week ahead!!! mwah hugz!!! #taping 3y
  •   perew0286 Always think positive kimmy, never mind the crickets, just always put in ur mind, that what people think to u is non of ur business:-) just hv fun, nd be JOYFUL always :-) 3y
  •   jstinejoy So pretty kim! <33 3y
  •   merouda True! 3y
  •   zato67 Love this pic! 3y
  •   bisdak99 Crickets are good for nothing so don't mind them, stay beautiful Kim.#kimeraldislove 3y
  •   karenc__ Beautiful 3y
  •   danica_kaye pretty much te kim. been wanted to see you :)) 3y
  •   jessavb I love the caption! 3y

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