imjustabill Guess what this is?! It's a pineapple plant! Did you know that a pineapple plant is a type of bromeliad? And did you know that the fruit is actually a cluster of coalesced berries? That's it for today's lesson at IG University !! Shot with iPhone4S, edited with Snapseed and Pixlormatic. 2y
  •   srqs Stunning!!! 2y
  •   aam87 2y
  •   tygrr Wow!!! This is awesome!! I wanted to see this so I tried to grow one, but that did not happen.. Lol 2y
  •   pammo3 Amazing shot, Bill, and great info I didn't know. Thanks! 2y
  •   chrissyjo_ Nice!!!!! 2y
  •   camiam_68 Nice! And, I always love a subject that screams "center me" as it makes me break the rules of thirds! 2y
  •   danielsalvadortome Nice do you have a beautiful galery, your pics is amazing 3mon

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