maggiewhitley Loading our new mattress, wave if you see us on the road ;D 2y
  •   annie_loo I wore that skirt to church this morning! ;) 2y
  •   circlelinestudio It will feel so good to sleep in your own bed, in your own apartment tonight. 2y
  •   shelbyclarkeca Yeah on your new place!!! 2y
  •   llwoolard @gussysews are you guys anywhere near Oakland/San Fran. On plane headed there with my hubby now and we need food suggestions! 2y
  •   thatsnotcolleen Ha! I wore that skirt today too! 2y
  •   tayeerdmans I want to see pictures of the apartment cousin maggs! 2y
  •   tayeerdmans I have to Atleast know where I'll be staying when I visit 2y
  •   maggiewhitley @taaylard we'll make a bed for you in our living room :D and I'll share pics in a few weeks when we get more furniture and decorate :) 2y

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