djaudio1 The best record store in the entire planet. #Amoeba #SanFrancisco 2y
  •   truthlive Indeed. Shout out to Lou. 2y
  •   dj_rize @djaudio1 , love that place. I can spend hours in there. 2y
  •   helloitsben I go in to pick up one cd, walk out 6 hours later with a create of vinyl gems @djaudio1 2y
  •   helloitsben *crate 2y
  •   djbedtime You need to visit the one in Hollywood. You'll be there for days! 2y
  •   djaudio1 @djbedtime I'm my youth, I spent 5 days in a row digging. Came out with so much good music. 2y
  •   djbedtime @djaudio1 I tell kids these days (who have never dug) that the record store for us was like the barbershop of any urban community. Gossip, advice, knowledge, etc all under one roof. Could spend 1-2 hrs in a shop back in the day just talking 2y

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