indiejane Finished reading The Night Circus. (I highly recommend it!) Now which series should I start now? 2y
  •   indiejane @wendythornell yes! I read them all last April. 2y
  •   sunshineshay20 Percy Jackson is awesome! Read it! And I'm reading "Let's pretend this never happened." The author is hilarious and has random experiences like you and @laurakincaid but her family is mostly to blame. But I have laughed on every page! 2y
  •   sarahgrace118 Percy Jackson!! They all are amazing! 2y
  •   phojotography Ew the Eragon series suckeddd 2y
  •   verdigries Eragon! The books get get better every time. 2y
  •   kimhartphoto Eragon for sure!! 2y
  •   hellorainbow Ohmygoodness--Eragon! So amazing!! But Percy Jackson is great, too! 2y
  •   leseliz eragon!!! 2y

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