andersoncooper #AndersonLive premieres tomorrow! For when to watch: 3y
  •   brianpietro I love me some Anderson 3y
  •   arty_kat You have NO idea how hard it was to locate the new show! I was an avid Anderson watcher ( no, not a stalker but the SHOW, silly!) before so I couldn't wait or this one . Very long story short - you are listed as Rachel Ray on WOAY!! 3y
  •   rickyjayy YOU ARE MY IDOL & CRUSH 3y
  •   katiesnappy I love you! I am soooo in love with Anderson live! If I could miss school to watch it I would!!! 3y
  •   colleen.mccarville78 I hope show has a new season coming up I miss the show 2y
  •   rindy_goss Never got to watch it :( It's too bad there is no Anderson live now! 2y
  •   mrblakegarrison @andersoncooper I'm such a huge fan! Would you please follow me!? #andersonplease 2y
  •   ingy67 so miss your day time talk show! It was so much fun :-) 2y

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