juneambrose New York Fashion Week...Day 4 Quote 2y
  •   shailov @stargyal24 where are you located ? 2y
  •   sassymilf AMEN 2y
  •   vintage_stan Church! 2y
  •   shailov @stargyal24 well you have a great location. You need a portfolio; People need to see your work, every social network or website you have should display your work, so that people can see what you can do. Promoting, marketing, and networking are definitely also important when freelancing... 2y
  •   shailov @stargyal24 dont sit back for too long, its ok to watch... but watch as your working to grow as an artist. Dont be afraid to just jump right in head first, you'll never know until you try. Make sure your research as well, find out abt events in Ny that you can attend, find out about castings looking for a Mua or a hairstylist... there's so much out there :) 2y
  •   ketsiaspride Hell yes! Love you juneambrose 2y
  •   amberscissorhand what's the best way 2 find casting calls I too am an aspiring hairstylist with talent that's becoming bored with her station need 2 b where the action is at 2y

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