twwly No 4am roosters, no chores to do. Fresh tattoos and a long, hot shower with no interruptions... I am a lucky lady. 3y
  •   rourkesuicide Your body makes me swoooooon! 3y
  •   aphotographerswife I love love the flow of your tattoos on your body. 3y
  •   staley !!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!! ! !!!!!!!!!!! 3y
  •   muffruffer Sweet lord I think I almost just died when I stumbled upon your instagram, when I was like 15 I used to go on BME all the time and i thought your kitty tattoos were the single most awesome thing I had seen in my life - I'm done being a total creep now lol 3y
  •   mosvar Holy schnikeys!!!! Wow!!! What an awesome set of tattoos well placed and you're just gorgeous. 3y
  •   syd_licious_xoxox absolute stunner! 3y
  •   chrisshayess Nice tatts! 2y

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