confashions "For You" is a children's book compiled and illustrated by Emirati artist Amalie Beljafla. And it aims to instill positive thinking in children by reading them an inspirational quote every day, accompanied by a beautiful illustration. While children may not wholly understand the quote, parents can get inspired to explain the meaning through a story, guided by the illustrations. 4y
  •   aliaas Very interesting! 4y
  •   d_almosawii تم بحمد الله فتح بـاب التسـجيـل
    لمـعرض Unique 'يـونيـك' بطله جديده
    لعرض إبداعاتـكم
    من25-9 الى 29-9
    شامل يوم مجاني لكل مشتركه
    بمنطقـه مبارك الكبيـر 
    سـارعـوا بالحـجز
    65645412- 60073575

    الاماكن محدوده 4y
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