sgoralnick Contemplation spot. 3y
  •   samhope1010 Also, do you work for a company in NY, do you like it there? I live in Oklahoma and figure the 2 places are pretty different. Sorry if these questions are too personal you can contact me through e-mail me if you'd be more comfortable. 3y
  •   abramg This is a very intriguing image. On one hand you have this beautiful serene ocean to observe and on the other hand you have some sort of refinery or industrial building. Almost a sort a juxtaposition. Regardless, it's a place I would enjoy sitting. Well spotted :) 3y
  •   ellakyp08 Love it :) xx 3y
  •   sgoralnick @elimaor see previous photos! 3y
  •   abredesen This is incredible. 3y
  •   sabrinakrp Lovely! 3y
  •   huttopia Looks post apocalyptic 3y

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