meekmill #mmg we almost got more ghost than PAC-man 3y
  •   d__amazin @machs03 get you're punctuation together before you come at me.... White Trash 3y
  •   mr_banks12 @luthaa503 last time I checked this was instagram? 3y
  •   mr_banks12 @luthaa503 well my iPhone placed it that way I'm not gonna go back and check it, because I.can't change it. But question yes it was last time I checked "??" Ment it was a question.but also thanks for taking time to read comments from days ago, must feel good too have not shit to do with your time. :'( 3y
  •   mr_banks12 Lmfaoo yes sir hard work does pay off and I can't post what I work hard for, but as my career I do work with children and adults with speacial needs, and I give back 100% help out as much as I can.. so please don't try to change the subject. Just accept that your a not shit person with " too" much free time on your hands. BTW thanks for looking at my pics.. ;) 3y
  •   mr_banks12 :) have a good day sir @luthaa503 3y
  •   king11208 Hahahaha yo meek do u Bro get money enjoy life and do all the things these broke nigz can't even dream of fuck all the haters 3y
  •   spence81_ Fie 3y

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