saabmagalona Plane food: Brookside dark chocolate acai blueberries 3y
  •   jmiraculousone Soooo good! I just ate some lol!!! 3y
  •   khimyneutron06 Im looking for this dark chocolate, where else i could buy this? 3y
  •   bhoting623 Snr:) 3y
  •   bhoting623 S&r 3y
  •   moniquepi_durano acai makes me super sleepy.. i use to drink acai tea.. 3y
  •   ruthieconomist Suuuuuper love this one. It's available in other 2 flavors, thou haven't tasted them yet. 3y
  •   schemaaa Me gusta mucio il circolate 3y
  •   elpnt I thought they were golden eggs. 3y

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