stephtee #myviewrightnow : Bondi Beach as you'll only see it once a year, kites amass the sky in the annual Festival of The Winds.... 3y
  •   surfyn Many tangles? P 3y
  •   stephtee @mischiru first year that I've seen it, n it was v novel 3y
  •   stephtee @surfyn haha no.. They're super organised and literally cordon the beach off and then the kite makers/owners have a huge space between the next kite 3y
  •   stephtee @kazuko69 thank you 3y
  •   peiwen_k I can't believe I missed this over the weekend!! 3y
  •   stephtee @peiwen_k if its any consolation this is the first year that I've seen it; missed it the other 12 years ?!!! 3y
  •   peiwen_k haha aww I'm really glad you got to see it. Bet it was amazing! I'll aim to go next year :D 3y
  •   stephtee @peiwen_k thanks yes do!!! 3y

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