monoluna Weee~ I was just thinking what color should I paint my nails! These are my 1st indie polishes, QTNails on etsy made by @newieee 3y
  •   coco_thedog Poison ivy 3y
  •   angelkissez I agree, poison ivy. 3y
  •   monoluna @datmeesh Yea homemade. I think there are 2 different kinds, 1 were they mix other polishes together to get the effect & color they want (Franken polish) the other is putting glitters and pigments (I heard eyeshadow works but I'm not sure) into clear polish to make their own. 3y
  •   monoluna @coco_thedog & @angelkissez Yea? I made the order for Cheshire Cat (I didn't get a good pic of it) but I wanted to try a few so that's why I got minis. I'll do Poison Ivy and post a pic 3y
  •   oocha Ooh!! Love all of them! But I think my face is Alice :) 3y
  •   monoluna @oocha Alice is really pretty! She has much better pics on her etsy (obviously) it had just stopped raining here and I still got a lot of glare. Can't wait to try each. It's so hard to pick the perfect time to paint my nails, what if they aren't dry when I want to play with yarn! Lol~ 3y
  •   oocha Lol! I commonly run into that problem too!! Usually i end up just painting my toenails and then knit while they dry :) kind of win-win 3y
  •   monoluna @oocha HEEEEY I never thought of that! I don't change my toes as often but that's a great idea :3 3y

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