kyliejenner 9/11 memorial. 2y
  •   maddi_lane I've been there, its so beautiful! @kylieejennerr 2y
  •   sweetluv28 Funny ? Sexy? 2y
  •   olened3a8 Can I get easy money taking surveyz?” YES, yes you can, and it's fr33! --> @Nanceef2f6 2y
  •   cpacalypse Rest in peace , God bless 2y
  •   rammpage @kyliejenner I remember when it happened, walking home from school and the smell in the air... It was just horrible... My friend that I work with now, it was his first week on the NYPD and as he got out of his car the building came down on him, luckily he made it out 2y
  •   lauren_golden23 Wow that was such a horrible day, but the people will always b remembered 2y
  •   chloehancock96 i was 4 but i still remember the moment i heard... 2y
  •   graceannefurner I went to that memorial it's really touching and such a special place for years to come:) 8mon

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