inkedfingers The Sea of Galilee is really this blue, #nofilter . This Land is full of surprises, my friend. More than legends, This Land has history. Isn't this the beauty that shrouds science and faith? Where science pushes us to the edge of the dock with facts and evidence, mystery --the unknown-- let us call it faith, is the vast body of water standing in front of us. It is as far as the eye can see. It is the most beautiful thing, for in this void where science ends, is rough billowy seas. Only when we jump into this unchartered territory , the seas of our hearts, will we ever begin to find #truth . // "thank you" will never suffice for the gratitude I feel to #onceinalifetimehd for this journey... .... #inkedfingersadventures 4y
  •   instinctivejol Beautifully said and captured! 4y
  •   mayaaod @inkedfingers u have beautiful pictures and i really hoped u enjoyed ur stay here in israel, and i hope u noticed this land's history and injustice goin on towards the indigenous people. 4y
  •   nirlesh Beautifully said 4y
  •   karenee16 Precious observation! Jesus walked here... 4y

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