emilyb_ 2y
  •   lovevickisecret Love it, people forget just because u have alot doesn't mean u make ur kid a brat 2y
  •   esscence_goldstein This is why I love @emilyb_ ...she speaks the truth always 2y
  •   mymirrormirror @dirty_gal_diana is this your son in the pic? 2y
  •   or4evahldurpce AMEN 2y
  •   wassupfred Love this 2y
  •   mamiiliinda I couldn't agree anymore I don't have kids but I see it everyday kids scream and cry and they get what they want ... Shoot my mom didn't play she gave us the look of death and we knew it was a no and I'm so glad she raised us that way made us amazing people 2y
  •   jetaimeriche Truth 2y
  •   agent_37_ Truth be Told 2y

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