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  •   naadirah_imani & you're a grown ass woman worrying about a child's comments , so what does that make you ? Dumb ass @mzashleyann why are you even writing me ? I'm entitled to my own opinion , if im a child then ignore me hoe . 2y
  •   mzashleyann @naadirah_imani look sweetie u are entitled to your own opinion but sometimes when you don't have nothing good to say its better to say nothing at all because honestly I don't think Emily really cared about your opinion, but I'm going to leave you alone now and go let u play with your toys. 2y
  •   naadirah_imani Lmao , I hope Emily is paying your bills the way you're campaigning for her ! Lmao . How did I say anything bad ? You sound so stupid . I said the picture didn't look like her , which was never a bad comment . Stop worrying about me & comments and worry about you . If she "doesnt care" why do you ? @mzashleyann Find a life somewhere . & I don't play w/ toys im omw to work , somewhere you need to be . 2y
  •   ladylockz Childishness 2y
  •   ladylockz Nice pic Em 2y
  •   queenbaptiste Right @ladylockz , I agree . I can never understand why people go to a celeb page & want to fight? Stop looking at they page if it's so upsetting! Nice pic Em, its a great compliment for anybody to have an artist sketch you. His interpretation is great 2y
  •   ladylockz Yea man smh @queenbaptiste 2y
  •   x__jusjay The eyes and the eyebrows are done perfect!! Looks great @emilyb_ 2y

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