lollyjaneblog Dark pic cuz the sun wan't up but I love passing this on my daily run! Perked up my anger about my broken laptop ;) 3y
  •   lollyjaneblog I'm using the 10K training app so it's short intervals x's right now vs distance (Run 60 seconds, walk 90 secs). But I did 2 1/2 today. By the end of the app you'll be running a staight hour. 3y
  •   sweetrosestudio Check you out Kel! Good job! 3y
  •   andreaqueenb Wow! Good for you! My lazy butt needs to do something!!! 3y
  •   rmb310 That's awesome Kelli! I should do the same. Buy getting up before the hubs leaves the house at 5:15 doesn't appeal to me. 3y
  •   azstacy Good job! I couldn't be running that early. 3y
  •   kristelis Lol I do that too @lollyjanekelli 3y
  •   bethmartineau Way to go!! 3y

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