becwinnel Painted them white now softening with a cream was. I love this part :) 2y
  •   elroseabel Great collection of frames! 2y
  •   becwinnel @elroseabel Thanks! 2y
  •   _asaphia What do you use to paint them Bec? 2y
  •   becwinnel @_asaphia First I painted them white with just a cheap brand spray paint, they using a washed down acrylic to do the details :) 2y
  •   arianator_2000 Where do you buy oval frames? @becwinnel 2y
  •   becwinnel @arianator_2000 I got these ones at opshops :) 2y
  •   _asaphia Thanks heaps - the washed down acrylic is a great tip! Your artwork is incredible by the way. 2y
  •   karmaleigh I love how you enjoy sharing your progress and not just the drawing parts! it's really great to see it. thank you miss you're truly divine! 2y

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