russwest44 #billyreid fashion show.. #loubs on feet #turquoise chinos #fashionweek 3y
  •   _c__murda So sexy Russ baby 2y
  •   _c__murda 2y
  •   whynot_liberty05 Aye Westbrook , Jst Wanted To Say That You Are My Number One Role Model ! Ilook Up To You On That Court , I'm A Sophmore At Kennedy High School And Mostly Everyone Calls Me Westbrook Cause Everyone Already Knows Me As Westbrook cx Well Ijst Wanted To Day Thank You , You Probly Don't Evan Kno Me ._. But I'm Always Hoping That One Day , Ican Be Playing Wit You Or Evan Against You . Ipractice 5Hours A Day / 7Days A Week , Ijst Wanna Get The Chance To Meet You In Person And Jst To Play One Single Game Don't Matter If Iwin Or Loose , Doesn't Matter If It's Jst Barley Up To 1 Iwould Do Anything Jst To Get The Chance To Play Wit You Or Jst Evan See You In Person (: Your My Idol In Basketball And One Day , I'll Be Playing Wit/Against You In The League And That Will Be A Dream Come True So Yeahh , Ikno Your Probly Not Gunna Read This But Ijst Thought I'll Jst Try To Come Down Here And Play Or Jst To See You . Well Keep Your Head Up Boy , Don't Worry About The Teams This Year , Jst Do You And Don't Get Intimidated By Noone , You'll Get Your Ring c: Don't Matter If It's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Ect , You'll Get One (: Laters Boy , Pleaaase Do It /.\ @russwest44 2y
  •   f.l.a.w.l.e.s.s_xo I love u Westbrook please give me tickets 2y
  •   maison_gibbs Plz follow me @russwest44 1y
  •   _nbaballas @deeleeownsyou look at handsome 1y

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