•   nancy_magoo Haha I totally understand. Im an English/Vietnamese/Irish mutt. You should see my Vietnamese side try and show affection. So awkward and rigid! 2y
  •   tammy_croucher @cc_mayoress @nancy_magoo you're both Australian and I'm giving you the biggest hug of your life when I see you. Alex you're getting a motorboat 2y
  •   clubalex @obnoxiousowl I'm buying pepper spray in anticipation haha 2y
  •   tammy_croucher I'm South African/English/Portuguese - you're gonna need something stronger than that! X 2y
  •   jadezoe_ Lol I actually hate the kiss on the cheek hello also, high fives all the way! 2y
  •   clubalex @jayzee_milk_t I'm cool with kisses (especially if they're cute dudes haha) they feel kinda 'European' it's more the hugs man. Awkward! I don't need ur titties all squeezed up on me, let me gooooooo hahaaha 2y
  •   jadezoe_ Lol titties squeezed up on you! @cc_mayoress 2y

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